A close-up shot of a cheeseboard bite - fresh chevre on a crostini with some house-made spiced honey - from Beautiful Rind in Chicago!

Chicago Cheese Shop Visit! Beautiful Rind

Chicago Cheese Shop Visit! Beautiful Rind

Still reeling from stumbling upon the World Dairy Expo and witnessing countless flavored block cheddars, we piled in the rental car and made our way to Chicago, Illinois. I was actually born in Chicago and lived there until I moved to Cleveland at 6 years old – I’m still a Midwestern gal at heart! Alex had never even visited Chicago before, so we were excited to see some sights and eat some more cheese. Our destination in Chicago was the absolutely gorgeous cheese shop, Beautiful Rind, in the Logan Square area north of downtown.

Morgen and Alex wearing sunglasses and smiling in from of the Chicago "Bean" sculpture
Had do do some sightseeing! Couldn’t miss “The Bean”!
A view of the Chicago skyline from a boat!
We did the Chicago Architecture Foundation river cruise and it was a truly excellent experience – we learned and saw so much!
An exterior shot of Beautiful Rind cheese shop in Chicago
The sign says “Cheese!! It’s whats for dinner!!” – love at first sight.

This shop was on my radar because the 2022 CMI champion, Cara was a monger at Beautiful Rind. Also, I’ve been following this shop on Instagram since they opened (during the pandemic no less!) and the interiors are truly lovely. Beautiful Rind is a full-service cheese shop with the belief that “cheese is a food for everyone”. Alex and I had a great time chatting with cheesemonger/owner Randall, who guided us through the local offerings inside his cheese case. In addition to an awesome range of cheeses, Beautiful Rind a variety of charcuterie, olives, nuts, jams, and a carefully drafted wine and beer selection.

The cheese case at Beautiful Rind cheese shop in Chicago
So many tasty cheeses in this case!
The cheese plate with delicious accompaniments at Beautiful Rind in Chicago
This was an absolutely perfect pre-dinner nosh. Local cheese and charcuterie, paired with some in-house accompaniments and a nice rosé.

Since we were meeting friends of dinner nearby, Alex and I opted for a little cheese sampler featuring Blakesville Chevre (from Wisconsin), Prairie Breeze (from Iowa), and Pig & Fig Terrine (from the Smoking Goose in Indiana). The in-house accompaniments were also so tasty and so thoughtfully paired. Beautiful Rind has the philosophy “Good cheese by good people”, with the goal to highlight producers that treat their animals, land, and people with respect. Randall is doing a fantastic job cultivating a beautiful spot that is inviting and informative – classes, cheese clubs, and a cheese-filled menu are spreading some serious joy!

Final stop on the Midwestern Cheese Shop Tour – Cincinnati, Ohio!

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