Hi! I’m Morgen

I sort of stumbled into my cheese career, as many mongers do.

Once upon a time I studied civil engineering and had a career in construction consulting and corporate real estate. Then the pandemic came along and up-ended everything! I initially started playing with cheese as a creative outlet, artfully arranging grazing boards to break up the monotony of Zoom calls. My curiosity eventually got the better of me and I started digging into where certain cheeses were coming from, how they were produced, the animals and cheesemakers responsible for creating them. Before I knew it, I was hooked on cheese, totally obsessed with learning about the thousands of different variations born from the same basic ingredients.

Fast forward to today, where I run the “cheesy corner” of Catboat Coffee Co., my family’s coffee shop located on Martha’s Vineyard. From here I spread my love of cheese through our curated retail selection, pre-assembled grazing boxes, catering offerings, thoughtful gift boxes, cheesy events, and educational experiences. Martha’s Vineyard Cheesery highlights American-made cheeses from small scale producers and complementary small-batch accompaniments such as charcuterie, preserves, crackers, and pickles. Feel free to inquire about our offerings through this form on the website or connect with me on social media, @mvcheesery

I truly believe that artisanal cheesemaking operations can have an out-sized positive impact on the planet. The cows, goats, and sheep assist with carbon sequestration and by sharing their stories it re-connects people with their local foodways. Plus, you get to eat some truly delicious cheese, a food that has sustained humans for over 6000 years! Thank you for supporting this virtuous cycle.

Grilled Cheese Night!

Thursday, November 16