A graphic showing the Martha's Vineyard Cheesery Missions Statement: Good cheese in as many mouths as possible.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Good cheese in as many mouths as possible.

Simple, effective, to the point. A statement that will guide us as we embark on the storefront phase of our cheesy journey! Let’s break it down a bit further…

Good cheese… – This is where we’ll flex the ol’ cheesemonger-taste-testing muscles and ask the following questions: Do I think this cheese is tasty? Would I be excited to eat it again? Do I want to serve it to my loved ones? What sort of operation made this cheese? How does the cheesemaker care for their animals? Do they treat their cheesemaking team well? Do they care for their land and the planet?

… in as many mouths… – This is where we’ll challenge some barriers and ask: How can I introduce new cheeses to as many people as possible? How can I best showcase and highlight this cheese? How can I best educate myself and others on the best way to eat this cheese? What might be holding people back from trying this cheese? How can I make this cheese more approachable to folks of all different walks of life?

… as possible. – We can only feed cheese to so many people from our cheesy corner of the island. With this in mind, we ask: Can highlighting this cheese help educate the broader cheese-loving community? How can we partner with fellow cheese shops and cheesemongers to spread the cheesy love? Can we use social media as a platform to inspire even more people to get excited about good cheese?

Our mission will be achieved by celebrating local artisans and farmers, creating memorable experiences, and supporting the local community through a deep love of cheese. Onward!

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