Morgen and Aurora sharing a mother-daughter moment over a piece of cheese.

Monger Musings 011

Friends, forgive me! It’s been nearly 3 months and I haven’t officially announced… we had a baby! Our daughter, Aurora, was born in early December. She made a dramatic entrance that included a helicopter ride to Mass General in Boston. After a 1 week stay in the NICU, we returned home to the island and we’ve been getting into our groove ever since.

Morgen and her daughter Aurora inspecting a wrapped piece of cheese.
Teach them young!

You may have seen us (well, me) goofing around on Instagram. I’ve started a little series called “Postpartum Monger Learns to Love Cheese Again”. My appetite and my tastebuds got all sorts of out of whack during pregnancy. I was quite sick during the first few months and it really turned me off from most foods. My diet consisted of Spaghettios and Sour Patch Kids. It was a sad time. I was nervous that I’d never enjoy eating again. But I’m pleased to report that I’m getting my mojo back. I’m leaning hard into cheese education and I’m back to tasting, exploring, and enjoying cheese.

Lots of cheese discourse since my last musing – let’s get after it:

🧀 Everyone is getting hip to something I’ve been feeling for a while: American Cheesemakers Having a Moment (Specialty Food Association)

🧀 As we rang in the new year, our social feeds were inundated with “In/Out Lists”. I particularly enjoyed this round up from Marissa Mullen, of That Cheese Plate (Extra Sharp Substack)

🧀 There have been lots of panic headlines about French cheeses going extinct. Here’s a thoughtful and nerdy response from Affineur Josh Windsor (Culture Media)

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