Four of us (Meredith, Naji, Alex, and Morgen) standing together, facing the camera, with big smiles!

Monger Musings 006

Monger Musings 006

It’s happening, it’s HAPPENING! Catboat Coffee Co. officially received our “Common Victualler’s License” from the Town of Tisbury. This means that we can finally sell food items from our storefront. Which means, it’s time to order some cheese!

Both the MV Times and the Vineyard Gazette covered the Tisbury Select Board meeting where we got our approvals. Riding the wave of this unexpected press coverage, we decided to have a little impromptu open house at the show last weekend! We had cups and we had coffee, so we figured we should just go for it!

Four of us (Meredith, Naji, Alex, and Morgen) standing together, facing the camera, with big smiles!
All smiles at the first ever Catboat Coffee Co. open house!

It was so awesome to see people in the store, to see Catboat Coffee Co. cups in people’s hands, to have people sharing on social media, to have people making connections and running into friends in our shop. Seriously, a dream come true! We’re planning our next open house on Saturday 3/11 & Sunday 3/12.

In the meantime, please enjoy these (mostly) cheesy links for your viewing pleasure:

🧀  So many of you love cheeses that have lots of crunchy-crystally goodness. Here’s a nice little write up on Tyrosine and Calcium Lactate that you didn’t know you needed! (Culture Magazine)

🧀  Let’s hear is for the laaadies! “Today, some of the finest minds and hands in the American artisan movement are female.” Great write-up and history lesson from Saxelby Cheese! (Saxelby)

🧀  US Cheese Championships have named their winners! Excited to carry many of these cheeses in the shop! (Culture)

🧀  This Hidden Brain episode about cultivating your purpose hit me right in the feels. At the risk of sounding too cheesy, I’m so glad I found CHEESE! (Hidden Brain)

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