Morgen wearing her cheese pants and spinning in an open field, similar to the Sound of Music.

Monger Musings 010

Whoa – has it really been 2 months since I’ve mused? How dare I?! There’s been a lot going on over at MV Cheesery HQ. I’ve been prioritizing the success of Catboat Coffee Co. and as a result the cut-to-order offerings of the cheese case are still in the works. I also attended Cherry Bombe Jubilee, and the That Cheese Party book launch, and the Meeting of the Milkmaids over the last few months! There’s been no shortage of connecting with cheesy people and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

The cheese-related-internet-link offerings, my friends:

🧀 Fellow Milkmaids Alexandra Jones and Josie Krogh both wrote great recaps of the Meeting of the Milkmaids event. They are far more eloquent than I. All I can say is, I can’t wait for the next meeting! (Milkfed and Culture)

🧀 The majority of respondents in a survey of New Englanders agreed that “dairy products are bad for my health” or were uncertain. This breaks my heart! It’s part of my mission to help people understand the many nutritious benefits of dairy products. Janet Fletcher outlines some of them here! (Planet Cheese)

🧀 I’m joining the fray at Cheesemonger Invitational NYC again this year! The lineup of competitors is STACKED this year and I’m just excited to hang out with all my cheese pals. (CMI)

That’s all for now friends – stay cheesy!

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