Portland Cheese Shop Visit! The Cheese Shop of Portland

A few months ago, my husband Alex and I took a little babymoon to Portland, Maine. We had heard from a bunch of island pals that Portland is a great foodie city, and an easy enough drive. I was having all sorts of crazy cravings that simply could not be satisfied by our on-island food […]

Monger Musings 010

Morgen wearing her cheese pants and spinning in an open field, similar to the Sound of Music.

Whoa – has it really been 2 months since I’ve mused? How dare I?! There’s been a lot going on over at MV Cheesery HQ. I’ve been prioritizing the success of Catboat Coffee Co. and as a result the cut-to-order offerings of the cheese case are still in the works. I also attended Cherry Bombe […]

Monger Musings 009

Up close shot of a large grazing box from Martha's Vineyard Cheesery! Beautifully arranged cheeses, charcuterie, fresh and dried fruits, pickles, olive, and nuts!

Monger Musings 009 I’m headed to NYC this weekend! I’m going to attend Cherry Bombe Jubilee, an annual conference celebrating women and creatives in the world of food & drink. I’m so excited to meet other thoughtful food folks and be inspired by featured speakers, panelists, and more (Joanna Gaines and Molly Baz will be […]

Monger Musings 008

A photo of the Personal Grazing Box from Martha's Vineyard Cheesery. Three types of cheese, one charcuterie, fresh and dried fruit, pickles, olives, and nuts. Over 6oz of cheese, plus all the accompaniments!

Monger Musings 008 Let’s talk shop, baby! It’s been a few weeks since we’ve opened Catboat Coffee Co. with our “regular” hours. I put “regular” in quotation marks because we are still adding to our schedule every few weeks. And we are still adding things to the menu and items to the shelves every few […]

Monger Musings 007

A photo of Morgen, behind the cash register at Catboat Coffee Co. Big smile and leaning on the counter with the espresso machine and coffee grinders in the background.

Monger Musings 007 Wow! And just like that, we have a coffee shop up and running! The Open Houses were so well received, we’ve decided to *officially* be open from Thursdays-Sundays, 9AM-3PM. Easing in with a lean crew and a limited menu of offerings. Crawling before we are walking before we are running. Very excited […]

Monger Musings 006

Four of us (Meredith, Naji, Alex, and Morgen) standing together, facing the camera, with big smiles!

Monger Musings 006 It’s happening, it’s HAPPENING! Catboat Coffee Co. officially received our “Common Victualler’s License” from the Town of Tisbury. This means that we can finally sell food items from our storefront. Which means, it’s time to order some cheese! Both the MV Times and the Vineyard Gazette covered the Tisbury Select Board meeting […]

Monger Musings 005

Up close and personal with Jarlsberg cheese dip in progress. A close-up photo of shredded Jarlsberg cheese, red onion, and green onion mix.

Monger Musings 005 Super Bowl! Valentines Day! Some pretty cheese-filled “holidays” in my book. How did we fare? Did we survive? Did we eat more Jarlsberg Dip than we should’ve? Yes, absolutely. I have a feeling that once the store is up and running next year, these events will be a killer one-two punch. I’ll […]

Monger Musings 004

Image of the exterior of Catboat Coffee Co., a specialty beverage and culinary destination on Martha's Vineyard, and home to the Martha's Vineyard Cheesery cheese counter!

Monger Musings 004 Oh hello there February! How did you get here so quickly? These “slow” winter months are moving along awfully quickly. Summer is going to be here before we know it! Good news! We passed our final building inspections last week. That means we are one step closer to getting the shop up […]

Cheesemaker Visit! Cato Corner Farm

A cheese tasting plate with 8 different types of Cato Corner Farm cheeses.

Cheesemaker Visit! Cato Corner Farm This past weekend, Alex and I found ourselves in Connecticut. We were off-island, attending the Catboat Association Annual Conference. As catboat owners, and part owners of Catboat Coffee Co., we determined this group of die-hard catboaters was worth meeting – and we were right! Such a passionate bunch of nautical […]

Grilled Cheese Night!

Thursday, November 16